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Books That Make Obedience Training Simple, Successful, and Fun!

DIY Dog Training GuidesThousands of dog owners struggle with the challenge of dog obedience training, and many of them give up before making any progress.

Training your dog doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be a fun and rewarding experience if you know the secrets to success!

By establishing your role as master and teaching your dog to recognize simple commands, you will eliminate the obedience problems that bring unnecessary stress to your relationship...

House Training – Chewing – Biting – Barking - Aggression Issues

Unfortunately, too many dog owners try to instruct their dog without having the knowledge or experience to be successful. This is where the frustration and failures begin to occur.

The best place to begin your training regimen is with the advice of an expert.  This is why recommends the DIY guides below. Each one is written by a notable dog expert, and each one has helped thousands of dog owners achieve success.


"Secrets to Dog Training” by Daniel Stevens
**Thousands of Success Stories**

Secrets to Dog Training ReviewSecrets to Dog Training is the number one selling dog training book on the internet, and it doesn’t take long to figure out why.  This thorough resource is well-written and packs an amazing amount of information.  Mr. Stevens writes in a friendly and thoughtful tone that motivates you through the toughest challenges of dog training.

Like all good how-to books, Secrets to Dog Training starts with the most basic concepts and builds up your confidence to the more complex lessons.  Mr. Stevens covers beginner topics like dealing with breeders, choosing the right dog for you, house training, and puppy-proofing your home.  From there he tackles problem behaviors such as biting, aggression issues, separation anxiety, and other disobedience behaviors.  The book concludes with an impressive series of tricks and commands you can teach to your dog.

Each of the nine chapters of Secrets to Dog Training feature step-by-step instructions and pictures to reinforce each lesson.  You also receive an audio version of the book which is handy for learning while you are in the car or walking your dog.  Perhaps best of all, your purchase entitles you to unlimited email support from Mr. Steven’s team of experts.  This is a great feature, especially for those who are struggling to break the stubborn habits of an older dog.

There are two different packages of Secrets to Dog Training available:
-The Basic Package includes the featured book along with several bonus guides and a MP3 audio version.
-The Premium Package includes all of the above, as well as 5 hours of video instruction and a software package to help you track your dog’s progress.

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“Dog Training Secrets” by Charlie Lafave
**A Treasure Trove of Information**

Dog Training Secrets ReviewMr. Lafave has written and produced hundreds of wildlife shows for prominent networks like the Discovery Channel and USA Network.  He has taken his background of working with animals and created a dog training book that can best be described as the encyclopedia of dog training.

Dog Training Secrets focuses on finding the personality of your dog in order to identify the best methods to train them.  Mr. Lafave helps you to recognize the different types of dog personalities and offers distinct training tactics for each type.  This unique approach helps you to quickly establish a trusting relationship with your dog, which in turn will help to speed up the training process.

Beyond just dog psychology, Dog Training Secrets is a very detailed resource for all aspects of training your dog.  The main book is over 200 pages long, and this doesn’t count the 5 bonus booklets that are also included.  Every question you could ever think of is covered somewhere in guide. Potty training, obedience issues, breaking bad habits, commands and tricks are all explained in detail.

The value of Dog Training Secrets is the fact that it covers so many different sub-topics.  Mr. Lafave has done a great job of researching all the potential issues and questions that a dog owner could face.  It is truly a complete source of dog training information.

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So Which One is the Best Dog Training Book?

There are two reasons that we have rated Secrets to Dog Training slightly higher than Dog Training Secrets.  The first is our preference for the overall layout and readability of Secrets to Dog Training.  The text is easier to follow, and the there are more pictures to help you visualize the instructions.  Secondly, Secrets to Dog Training is slightly cheaper and includes an audio version of the book.  Together, these factors are enough to give it a superior overall ranking.


Do You Really Need a Dog Training Book?

Unless you have years of experience working with dogs, then it is likely that you have plenty to learn about the intricacies of obedience training.  But even beyond experience, there are other reasons these training guides are a great value…

-Dog training classes cost between $10 and $25 per hour for a group session.  Individual instruction costs even more.  By investing in one of these resources you will save money and own a resource that you can continually reference throughout your dog’s development.

-You have to schedule around classes at the instructor's convenience - not yours.  If you can’t make a class, then you will quickly fall behind the other dogs, which can be frustrating for the owner and pet.

-Local training instructors can be hit or miss.  There are no regulations to stop anyone from opening a dog training school.  On the other hand, the products on this page are written by expert dog trainers who have successfully helped thousands of dog owners reach their goals.

-By learning the methods of training your dog on your own, you will grow with your dog.  The bond between you will be much stronger, and you will be able to work with them whenever you have time together.  Being able to provide constant instruction will lower the learning curve for you and your pet.

-Every resource featured here comes with a money back guarantee!  You won’t get that from an instructor or training school.

**Raising and training your dog is an exciting time for both of you.  By learning the strategies and techniques used by expert dog trainers, you will have the knowledge and confidence to succeed at your goals!